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Holding Plant

Going Green

Going green is much more than a single step.

It's a series of steps that aggregates to larger results.

Peacock Coffee is committed to delivering you coffee that takes into account many factors that demonstrates good stewardship and responsibility for people and resources we are blessed with. 

Green Sourcing

Peacock Coffee green bean buying principles ensure that we establish and maintain relationships with coffee growers and cooperatives who align with our values.


Our sustainable coffee buying principles are focused on quality, traceability, and sustainability.


Green Roasting

Peacock Coffee uses a first-of-its-kind recirculating roasting technology that eliminates particulates and VOCs in real-time, during coffee roasting, without requiring additional ventilation systems or afterburners.  


For every 100 pounds we roast per week, we reduce Co2 emissions by 12,761 pounds annually. 


Green packaging

Peacock Coffee chooses packaging that is either recyclable or compostable friendly where it brings the most value. 


We even offer marine safe straws!  

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