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A better way to 
buy green coffee

All electric, zero emissions and fully automated, Bellwether enables any business to source sustainable green coffee and roast consistent craft quality coffee at the touch of a button, no experience or construction required.

roasted coffee is better coffee

Founded in 2013, Bellwether created the world’s first all-electric, ventless, zero emissions coffee roasting system.

Bellwether enables any retailer to source sustainable green coffees and roast craft quality coffee without prior experience.


Join us in creating a better future for the entire coffee industry–one that is sustainable for the environment, equitable for farmers, and accessible to all communities.

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We participate in 
tip the farmer

Tip the Farmer™ is a turnkey impact program that economically empowers coffee farmers and builds a direct connection for coffee drinkers to pay a ‘tip’ to the producer behind each cup. Tip the Farmer is not a substitution for paying higher wages — our Sustainable Buying Principles ensure farmers receive fair wages.


We launched Tip the Farmer to enable coffee drinkers to have a more direct relationship with and impact on coffee farmers, and give coffee farmers agency to choose how to invest extra money where needed.

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Bellwether coffee allows us to have

better coffee buying principals. 

They advocate for:

Farmer Centric Pricing

gender equality


Ongoing farming relationships

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Empowering everyone to sustainably source
and roast incredible coffee.

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